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"Wide brush" technique. Powder eyebrows in 20 minutes. Lips in 30 min. Quick drawing of sketch Technical difference of the devices. Proper understanding of the capabilities of the equipment and  new opportunities of needles.

1st day

10.00-13.00 Theory

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00- 18.00 Demonstration on the model, answers to questions.

2nd day

10.00 - 18.00 Students work on a model or latex and choose one zone (powder eyebrows or lips).


Denis Davydov is master, coach, winner, speaker of numerous conferences, the creator of the Russian device for PM (D.Davydov). Denis Davydov will help to understand your equipment, reveal its capabilities and potential.

Why do we spend so much time at work? Because we do not fully know the potential of needles and pigments.

How to reduce the time to a minimum in the sketch drawing?

What pigments to use, how to mix correctly and  more that can facilitate and make your work even more perfect.

All these questions will be answered by Denis Davydov.

Warm friendly atmosphere with masters and colleagues, a detailed demonstration and description, is waiting for you.

Hurry up!

Limited number of seats!!


First day  800 euro

The second day of practice on latex 200 euro

The second day of practice on the model  400 euro