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Frequently asked Questions

What is the location of the master classes?

Master classes with the number of participants up to 10 people will be held at the permanent make-up and cosmetology school EuroMed Prague, Prague, Czech Republic at:

Holýšovská 2923/4, Praha 13, Stodůlky.

Master classes with a number of participants of 10-50 people are held in the conference rooms of our cooperating hotels.

Important!!! Please follow the event in the Location section!

How long are the master classes?

Classical training schedule from 10.00 to 18.00

What is included in the price of the master class, in addition to training?

The price of the master class includes hot lunch, 1-2 coffee breaks, broadcast on the LCD screen, training materials (workbooks, schemes), supplies (pigments, latex), translation into Czech, English and Russian.

Starter Kit is included not in all master classes!!!

What is not included in the price of the master class?

The cost of the master class does not include accommodation, transfer, use of the equipment and the needles of the studio, translation into any other language except Russian, English, Czech.

How can I register for a master class?

Please fill in the registration form on our website in the Events section. After that you will receive an email with an indication of the payment details.

Important!!! The registration is valid only after the payment of the deposit or the full amount is credited to the account of the Euromed school.

The basic structure of the master class?

Master classes consist of practical and theoretical parts.

The theoretical part is a presentation of the trainer, slides, drawings and diagrams on the flipchart, on paper, questions and answers on the training topic.

The practical part is a demonstration of the technique on the model by the coach and the work of the students on latex or on the model, depending on the particular master class. Statement of the hand, movements, stretching of the skin under the supervision of the coach and his assistant.

After successful completion of the master class, each student receives an international certificate.


 What do you need to have with you?

You need to have with yourself:

Work clothes, shoes, your device for permanent make-up, needles to it. When working on a model, you also need to have tools for drawing a sketch on the model (tweezers, scissors, pencils, measuring instruments, which you are accustomed to using).

All other additional materials we provide for you: pigments, disposable consumables (cotton pads, disinfection, clothing for the model, vaselin, pigment cups ...), anesthesia, latex, gloves, etc. Also, paper, pens, pencils.


We recommend taking your device as, after training, you will continue to work with your customers exactly with your device. If you are beginner and you do not yet have your own device, we can provide you with a school machine during the training or order a new device for you by prepayment. For this point you need to contact us in advance.

How do I pay for the master class?

After completing the registration form on the website you will receive an email with payment details. You can pay by transfer to a company account in euro or in Czech Koruna equivalent. Also, if necessary, you can pay using the system Wester Union and Pay Pal.

We provide a part payment option for our students. You can pay the whole sum immediately or deposit in the amount of one day of training. For each master class, the deposit amount is individual. You will find it in the Registration section for each event.


The registration is valid only after the payment of the deposit or the full amount is credited to the account of the Euromed school.

One-day deposit is not refundable !!!

How can I get from the airport to the hotel?

To provide a transfer or meeting at the airport, as well as about the way, how to get to our school please contact us by email, or by phone +420774058550, +420608260868.


Where can I accomodate in the days of the master class?

Contact us by email, or by phone +420774058550, +420608260868 and we will recommend you accommodation depending on the location of the event.